Bid Transparency

Transparency drives better business returns. Treating everyone equally and sharing the same information with everyone. Guiding Suppliers to make you their best offer. In the end everyone wins when everyone understands what is needed and trust that they are all being treated the same way.

Winning By Playing Fair

  • 1

    Decide What you Want

    Start with the basics. Decide what you want to buy, when you want it, where you want it delivered and the terms of the order. Set your budget and if you can’t, set some expectation then let xChecker guide you.

  • 2

    Know your Specification

    Take the guesswork out of the process. Use xChecker to communicate your scope of work and specifications. The clearer your RFP is the easier and faster the Suppliers will respond. Saving them time reduces your cost.

  • 3

    Consistent Information Set

    Using a trusted platform and a trusted process improves user confidence. That confidence will translate to your bottom line. xChecker treats everyone equally. It is Secure, Fair, Transparent and Consistent. Start using xChecker today.