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RONEsoft is an enterprise software service provider. We build intelligent cloud based business software to increase operational efficiency and improved returns.


We will save you a demonstrable amount of your procurement spend without increasing your headcount. Our service will simplify and speed up your ordering process and we will have your staff trained in 8 hours.

Our Products


The most versatile version of xChecker for multiple industries. Choose this if your business does not fall into any of the other categories

xChecker CS

xChecker Construction Services. Specifically adapted to the needs of the construction industry and services. Civil, electrical, mechanical, hydraulics etc

xChecker RX

xChecker Medical Services. Specifically adapted to the needs of medical services. Pharmacies, clinics and hospitals

xChecker NR

xChecker Natural Resources. Specifically adapted to the needs of the Natural Resources industry; lumber, mining, Oil & Gas

xChecker GOV

xChecker Government Services. Specifically adapted to the needs of the government. Federal, Provincial/State and municipal/local governments.

xChecker EDU

xChecker Educational Services. Specifically adapted to the needs of educational services. Primary, high school, colleges and universities.

xChecker TS

xChecker Transportation Services. Specifically built for the needs of Corporate Logistics Department and it's need for value optimization.

Consulting Services

Every business could use core and specific expertise in strategic departments. Procurement has become a C-Suit function with CPO position becoming more and more common within high performing companies. In our lane, RONEsoft xChecker has a team of industry specialist that will work with your team and ensure measurable improvement in your ROI within the shortest possible timeframe. Why not contact us here.

The services that we offer are as follows:

  • Understanding the best digital tools available to drive sustainable and measurable returns on investment with specific focus on buying cycles
  • Understanding supplier spread and relative strengths, what levers to pull and maintain competitive advantage
  • Data interpretation and how to understand the business intelligence contained in the numbers

Alliance with Canadian Universities and ability to carry out University-Supported research and development for specific business challenges. Why not contact us here.

Our Products

Real time stats

Multilingual & translatable

Less plugins needed

Amazingly responsive

Community builder

Easy to use interface

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