Issue Purchase Orders

No more spreadsheet Purchase Orders. No disconnect between the offers you got and the Purchase Order you issued. No more worrying about lost data or information. Full visibility from requesting for pricing to what you actually paid. All within xChecker.

Know How You are Performing on Every Purchase

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    Issue Your RFPs

    Create RFPs in the shortest possible time. No more Copy and Paste, no more multiple emails, no more Suppliers constantly “reaching out” or “touching base”. If there is an RFP? Your approved suppliers will get it.

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    Generate Your Reports

    No more trying to reconcile multiple offers, each with a slight twist and variance. No more spending hours/days trying to understand and evaluate the offers that you receive. Start using xChecker and generate instant evaluations.

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    Issue Your POs

    If you have an existing PO system, you can export the data. And if you do not have an existing PO system, xChecker takes care of this for you. Issue POs, maintain visibility, store your POs and recall for review any time.