Savings Calculations, Real-time

Need to know how much you spent every month? Better still want to know how much you really saved every month? No more digging round spreadsheets, no more calling Bob to find out. Real information about real saving right at your fingertips.

Know How You are Performing on Every Purchase

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    Know Your Starting Point

    Start with the basics. Decide what you want to buy, when you want it, where you want it delivered and the terms of the order. Set your budget and if you can’t, set some expectation then let xChecker guide you.

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    Tell xChecker About it

    Get your data into xChecker. Import your specifications and scope of work into xChecker and if you do not have these, you can enter quick descriptions on the fly. Once it is stored, you can always recall these and never have to repeat the steps again.

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    xChecker Does the Rest

    xChecker has built-in delegation of authority. Your RFPs will go through the right level of approval and then notify your Suppliers to submit and offer at no additional cost to them. The bids will close at the right time and you can generate your reports instantly.