xChecker,the best procurement management system

xChecker is the advanced procurement management system. lets you consolidate, control, comply and collaborate with your counterparties so you can do more value-added work

xChecker Overview

Cost Optimization

Do more with less. Be efficient at every stage. Save real money by pulling the right levers. Use xChecker.

Time Saving

Spend minutes instead of hours or days. Leverage the same efficiencies whether you are the Purchaser of the Supplier. Use xChecker.


Discover the power of clear, consistent, and fair negotiations. Use a platform that treats everyone equally. Use xChecker.

Features to Run Every Part of Your Procurement Process

Auto Bid Evaluation

Take seconds, not hours/days to evaluate bids and generate reports showing real and verifiable savings. Instantly display a report of how the offers presented and make informed decision of what to buy from whom.

Price Trend Analysis

Understand the price movement for any set of goods or services that you want to buy before you send out your RFP. Take away the guesswork and let data guide you in taking the right decision each time you want to buy.

Monthly Reporting /Savings

No more wondering if your savings are real or deemed. Instantly display your monthly activities and see the value that xChecker is adding to your bottom line every month and year-to-date.

Vendor Response Analytics

• Ever wondered about how many of your vendors truly take your business seriously?

• Now you can see each vendor’s performance and win ratio and determine if you need to find more suppliers. All this without leaving the xChecker platform.

Expanded Supplier Base

And when you decide that you need to find additional suppliers, why not use suppliers from your peer groups. Leverage the efficiency of the platform and reduce the amount of non-value-added work by pulling on the effort of similar companies.

Price Trend Convergence/ Divergence

Bringing you the power of Advanced Pricing Technical Analysis. Now you can generate convergence-divergence charts and make informed decisions of when and how much to buy.

Features and Pricing

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing.
Choose which package is best suited for you.
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Client reviews

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Meet Bruno (Manufacturing)

Founder BAC Export

Hello, my name is Bruno Carneiro and I am the Founder and CEO of an agricultural equipment and tools company. We specialise in tools and implements for land preparation and needed a fast and cost effective solution for managing multiple suppliers
Meet Israel (Retail and Distribution)

General Manager

Hello, my name is Israel Moreno and I own a medium size Distribution business. My challenge has been in having visibility of what I am buying and understanding that I am really getting the best price for....
Meet Fouad (Oil and Gas Engineering)

Managing Partner

My name is Fouad Mohammed Ali and am an entrepreneur operating in various business sectors. I represent a suite of Global Brands taking their products to strategic markets. The quest for good quality.........
Meet Paola (Manufacturing-Auto Parts)

Business Partner

Hola, I am Paola Maruri. I manage our family auto parts business and needed to get up to speed very quickly to understand what products that we are buying, how.......
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