Using our Digital RFP and Automated Evaluation Platform is Good Business

xChecker will make business easier. Our secure online RFP and Tendering software lets you consolidate, control, comply and collaborate with your counterparties so you can do more value-added work

Real time analytics and reporting capabilities

With built-in analytics and automatic reporting capabilities you will have access to uniform,
transparent and efficient means of generating best available pricing for any product or service
request from your approved suppliers and service providers.

Get RFPs and Purchasing done faster

xChecker will automatically handle tasks that used to take up all your time. From importing requests to real time pricing, it will do the work for you.

Feel confident in your numbers

With all your data stored safely and in one place, it is easy to get a snapshot of how your business is performing. You can also invite your vendors to xChecker to ensure they meet all your compliance regulations.

Get Started in No Time

Whether you are buying xChecker or just trying it out first, you can either jump straight in or Sign up now.
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You only need your organisations details to get set up.


Our friendly RFP and Purchasing specialists are here to help, around the clock.

Want Your Data Safe and Secure?

We know how important your data is to you. We work with global data security companies like Amazon and Microsoft to keep your data safe.

Whatever your Industry or Location

xChecker will make running your business so much easier. xChecker has tools you will love.






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