Introducing xChecker, the digital RFP and Tendering software for everyone

A message from Ator Tetenta, Founder and

xChecker has been in the making since the summer of 2017 but all the knowledge that has gone into its development came from over 30 years of direct experience working across the globe in many different industries.

My first real experience with the power of data came in the summer of 1997.  As a young engineer, I had to lead the tender effort for Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) in Oman. The tender was a huge undertaking with a stated budget of over $100 million USD and covered an expected 2000 oil wells across the nation. The proposal was almost impossible to get off the ground due to there being little properly consolidated data about equipment performance, reliability, or cost. I set about building a run-life database to consolidate the data and subsequently build the first pay-for-performance contract for ESPs in Oman. That database turned out to be the foundation of what is now a global artificial lift database (including ESPs) known as RIFTS.

A few years later, I was involved in international trade representing various manufacturers of construction and power transmission equipment. This hands-on experience in global sourcing and procurement, finance, and international trade terms provided a strong basis to build from.  The learning was that the profitability of most projects is determined before the first purchase order is made. This seems very logical to most, although many companies do not have the means, tools, and experience to ensure this is done quickly, efficiently and consistently across their businesses, whether big or small.

Over the next 15+ years I excelled in various roles across the globe and in various companies. While working, I observed what made certain leaders and companies successful and others not. I was particularly intrigued by the process of pricing and price determination. I observed how groups in the Middle East loved to bargain, how people in Africa love to haggle, how the culture in the West loves discounts, how the Far East negotiates and the various ways and means that people interact with price and the setting of expectations around pricing. This provided the opportunities that exist in this space and some of the beliefs holding companies back from truly embracing and utilizing this space. From all these and more, the platform of xChecker was born and the foundation for many iterations of the next sets of products that we will be bringing to the market.

Armed with this knowledge and focus, I set about finding the right team and partners. Rick who I worked with for the last 5 years, has over 35 years’ experience spanning businesses across North America came first. Frank who has over 30 years’ experience in IT from the government to the military and from banking to emerging technologies was the next. Together we became the Founders of RONEsoft, the maker of xChecker.

This procurement product has been built to bring value to both sides at the negotiation table. From the Purchaser to the Supplier and simplifying the activities of the individuals representing their companies. Our plan is to share what we know, the tools that have been built and what we plan to build. We will continue to find means and ways to make business processes simpler, faster, and more efficient. The plan is to make all our tools affordable to all companies big or small. I encourage you to visit our blog regularly as we will have various subject matter experts explore different business themes on a regular basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please contact us to learn how RONEsoft can be of value to you.

Ator Tetenta